Innovation Doesn't Have To Be Magical Or Mysterious.

Arable Ventures was launched to help organizations demystify and learn how to "do innovation."
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Leadership Through Innovation

Rooted in time tested best practices across industries, our goal is to help corporations guard against disruption by developing new competencies and innovative outcomes – blending the best elements of startup and scale up operations.   

Innovation Operating Model Building Blocks

Enterprise innovation is hard and rewarding. It requires the cultivation of unique skills, thoughtful design in structure, and effective application over time.

Methodology, Tools & Repeatable Process

From policies and procedures to frameworks and tools, a new way of working can be harnessed and sustained.

Portfolio management

Pipeline Sourcing & Portfolio Management

Pipeline sourcing can be overwhelming, yet is crucial to the trajectory of innovation goals in a company.

Culture, Skills & Mindset

Designing the space, team norms and working principles to enable diverse, bold, and creative thinking.

Learning experimentation

Learning & Experimentation

Shifting the focus to learning and outcomes supported by data, while enabling cross-team collaboration and stakeholder participation.

Ecosystem development

Ecosystem Development

Maintaining a robust network of external partners can be incredibly helpful to accelerate progress and momentum. 

Governance measuring success

Governance & Measuring Success

Focus on quality and speed, ensuring that GO / No GO decisions at each phase are effectively stage gated and de-risked. 

What People Say

“Entrepreneurial and driven, while being sensitive to organizational considerations, Lisha has the ability to challenge existing beliefs and tackle difficult questions with sensitivity. In my view, this is an essential quality for an effective leader.”


“Lisha is incredibly effective in so many ways. She has tremendous knowledge and experience, along with the capability to share, partner, coach, and mentor in highly impactful ways.”


“Lisha has helped our company maneuver the complexities of established institutions and adapt to processes that would kill most startups in similar sales cycles. She’s extremely connected, talented and driven – we’re honored to have her on the cap table!”


“Throughout our conversations, Lisha has added true value to my thinking on market research, distribution strategy, and fundraising milestones. I can easily envision her excelling as an advisor, board member, or consultant — a spectrum of ability that most folks do not possess!”


“AV adds credibility to the work by using industry best practices and leveraging first hand experiences. They helped us produce visible results and always incorporates real time feedback.”


“Experience to ground us, anecdotes and playbooks to enlighten us, and the ability and willingness to model innovation culture. To step up to our timeline and meet us where we are and show us how to lead our way into innovation.”


“Lisha has brought years of experience forward in a concise and easy to understand format that allows for activation at pace, while adopting industry best practices.”


“Lisha was able to navigate and connect to the innovation needs of a large company, while shaping and inspiring a new group of innovators exploring potential breakthrough opportunities.”


Our Expertise

Large Organizations

  • Making the case for enterprise innovation
  • Assessing existing portfolios, projects, & programs
  • Customizing strategy & operating model design
  • Reinforcing process, talent, infrastructure, & culture
  • Refreshing ideation & portfolio management
  • Creating scale & sustainability for innovation groups


  • Advisory for roadmap, business model, & growth strategies
  • Revenue strategies & go-to-market approach
  • Partnership & pilot opportunities with established companies
  • Fundraising approach preparation
  • Building culture & high performing teams

Incubators, Accelerators, Studios & Venture Funds

  • Advising on structure & strategy for startup teams
  • Teaching founders how to build products & teams efficiently
  • Advisory for repeatable process & innovation methodology
  • Facilitating effective partnerships and pilots between corporates & startups
  • Connecting resources & subject matter experts to accelerate progress


Lisha Davis

Lisha Davis

Founder & CEO

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Lisha is an innovation leader, venture builder, startup investor, and business strategist who has served on all sides of the business table.

Prior to launching Arable Ventures, Lisha served as the founder and CEO of Vanguard’s Innovation Studio, where she was responsible for the identification of white spaces with the power to disrupt and the build out of successful ventures to fill those spaces. Throughout her work, Lisha has led innovation, product, and business teams in vision, strategy, operations, and the creation of powerful tech-enabled solutions, with a high emphasis on growing the best functioning teams and company culture. An angel investor and startup advisor, Lisha teaches a course on Open Innovation & Strategic Alliances @ Temple University, and is a lifelong advocate of diverse founders and funders.

Ways To Engage

We accelerate your journey to innovate by accessing your capabilities and goals, and partnering to provide tailored services, from strategy to playbooks.  Doing innovation “with”, not “at” you. 




Coaching & Advisory

Supporting innovation leaders and teams with guidance, experiential learnings, and best practices across industries


Innovation Deep Dives

Providing deep dives to activate and accelerate progress in a variety of complex areas form early stage innovation work to established practices


Innovation Playbook

Designing a custom operation model, how to guides, policies & procedures to enable activity, and to meet any company’s current stage of their innovation journey


Trainings & Workshop

Upskilling teams with frameworks, tools, templates, and methodologies to enable innovation delivery

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© 2022 Arable Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.
© 2022 Arable Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.